AWS Start-Up Challenge Victory!

Breaking news: Hammertime! Grand Cru was just named the best Gaming start-up in the Amazon Web Services Global Start-Up Challenge 2012. Here’s Thorbjörn and Markus wielding the proof.

We are very happy and proud of this honor. Having a great cloud based server and storage solution is critical for our success and a key component of everything we do. Only AWS fulfills our demands and provides the scalability and flexibility we require.

Champagne will be uncorked.

Grand Cru, LogMyCalls, MortarData and TraceLink Named Winners of the Sixth AWS Global Start-Up Challenge

Harri GranholmHarri is Grand Cru's Creative Director. His background is in graphic design, but in his past he has also written articles on pioneering computer graphics and ran an online game music radio. Harri's paycheck goes directly to the local mountain bike store.